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Stick packs are becoming increasingly popular in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries and Problend Ltd has stick packaging machines and fillers for bulk, liquid and powdered products. From entry-level, two line machines up to high-speed, ten line stick packers, Problend Ltd manufactures the world’s best stick pack equipment. We put our customers first and understand that unforeseen problems don’t just occur during normal business hours.

Machine Features:

  • The machine’s internal mechanism and working parts are made of aluminium and stainless steel.
  • Optimal combination of mechanical and pneumatic system in the main mechanism of the machine enables perfect result with low energy and air consumption.
  • Control system by PLC high accuracy and adjusting range.
  • Compatible with various filling system.
  • Simple and user friendly machine.
  • Low maintenance and low operating cost.
  • Products to be packed : Salt, sugar
  • Bags type: stick bag, stick pack, stick package
  • Filling unit: Volumetric, Liquid, Screw

Optional Equipment:

  • Secrew Elevator for automatic continious feeding.
  • Product counter and stacking belt conveyor
  • Special pattern notch unit
  • Line notch unit
  • Extra volumetric cup group
  • Extra Line unit
  • Date, serial number coding group – hot  print

    PLC parts : Omron, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Allen-Bradley, Kinco, Delta Electronics, Delta Control (customer choice)

Stick packing machine

About us

PROBLEND Ltd. started in 1990.

We offer

  • constructing, manufacture, service and innovative production solutions for packaging equipment
  • constructing, manufacture, service and innovation of non-standard equipment on preliminary given order
  • design, development, introducing and service of industrial electronics

The produced equipment has a 12- month guarantee period and afterguarantee service.
The machines are supplied with a certificate of quality for the relevant country.

Supplementary production

Except producing machines, we work with our own produced sugar stick packing machinehoney stick packing machine, coffee creamer stick packing machine and horizontal packing machine for biscuits in flow pack and we are one of leaders in distribution of this products in our country.

  • Packaging and distribution of sugar, honey and coffee creamer. The volume range is 2,5 – 5 ml. Three and four-side sealing for small size powder bags with advertising space left on them
  • Packaging solutions for a wide range of dry, liquid and powdered goods, supplied by the client

We have equipment that allows high throughput and precise image centered on the package. E HACPP embedded control system and quality management.

We are leader and have well developed distribution network throughout the country, through which placed 80 to 100 tonnes of white sugar in the season. Packed full range of ancillary coffee products:

– White sugar in stick
Brown raw sugar 
Brown sugar in doypack
Brown sugar in stick
– Low-energy sweetener
– Individually wrapped cookie in flow-pack
Honey in stick
Salt and pepper in a stick bag
Stevia in stick package

We have a workshop for thermal processing of honey. The same is certified and has Euro BG № 2715003 EC.

PROBLEND Ltd. has markets in Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Armenia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Turkey, Greece, Austria, Romania, Canada, Ukraine, New Zealand, Algeria, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Estonia, LithuaniaBelarus, Moldova and etc.

Problend Ltd . is an industry leading manufacturer and exporter of stick packing machine, sachet packing machine, vertical form fill seal (VFFS) and horizontal packaging machines, single sachet wet wipes, group wet wipes machines products.

The company takes part in :

  • spring and autumn international Fair in Plovdiv – Bulgaria
  • VDNH, “Socolnici” – Moscow
  • “LENEXPO” – Sanct-Petersburg
  • PLMA’s World Private Label in Amsterdam

“PROBLEND” Ltd. is ready for mutually beneficial trade and industrial cooperation.

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